Ontario Small Equine Show Association

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Indemnification Agreement

The Ontario Small Equine Show Association (OSESA), its executive, volunteers, and owners and staff of any chosen venue will not be responsible for any accident, or damages that may occur, or be caused by, any owner/exhibitor or their equine/animals while on event property, nor will they be responsible for any article lost or destroyed while on such property. Each owner/exhibitor shall be responsible for the equines under their custody or control and shall indemnify and hold harmless the OSESA and aforesaid staff and venue against all claims and expense of every kind arising from accident, injury or damages caused by themselves or their equine/animals.

Submission of this agreement form shall be deemed acceptance of the above and failure to submit this form will disqualify you, or those under this membership, from participation in any club event. In the case of on-line submission your participation in any event post submission of this form signifies your acceptance of this agreement with or without a signature.

Youth participants must prove consent of parent or legal guardian.

Member Name_________________________________________________

Farm Name(If Applicable)_______________________________________

Street Address________________________________________________

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Email Address________________________________________________

Phone Number________________________________________________

Membership Type
Annual Youth Member $10.00 (Youth is 17 or younger on Jan1st of current year)
Annual Adult Member $15.00
Annual Family Membership $30

Age of Youth_________________________________________________

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